M22 TWS 5.1 Digital Display Bluetooth Headset Touch Earphone Earbuds Type-C Charging Interface Mobile Phone Emergency Charging Couple Pair

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  • Dear customer, after purchasing a 3C product, please charge it for half an hour before using it. If you have any questions during use, please contact our customer service
  • Please turn off the bluetooth of your mobile phone first, and then put both earphones in the charging bay, or off. Turn on the two earphones at the same time, or take out the charging compartment at the same time, wait for the earphones to pair with each other (the red and blue lights of the two earphones are flashing at the same time (indicating that they are pairing), and one of the lights is off (indicating that the left and right ears are paired successfully)), and then turn on You can use the TWS function normally by pairing the Bluetooth headset with your mobile phone
  • When the left and right earphones are in a team (two earphones are flashing lights), don’t turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, and all the signals of F9 (take F9 as an example) that have been linked before need to be deleted.Pick it up in this way and see that the earphones are flashing together, just double-click one of the earphones (one step more than before), wait a few seconds to automatically form a team (one earphone light is off),Then turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone to search for pairing (click to pair and both headsets are off, indicating that the TWS pairing is successful).
  • Thanks for your support. We will always keep offering good products & services to our valued customer.Sincerely serve you, hava a good days!

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